Tuesday, January 4, 2011

LEAP Blog wins 2010 Canadian Law Blog (CLawBies) Award

2010 Canadian Law Blog Awards Winner

This year, the Canadian Law Blog Awards (CLawBies) awarded the LEAP Blog with an award under the category of Non-Legal Audience. Here is how CLawBies.ca described the category:

4) Non-Legal Audience Award. In one sense, of course, most blogs are written for a non-legal audience, i.e., clients. But we mean this award for a blog that targets industries or communities outside the law that nevertheless are affected by the law. This year’s award goes to the Law Enforcement Accountability Project (LEAP) blog at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law. Students and professors focus their efforts on alleged police misconduct and racial profiling, and this year included content on the G20 Summit in Toronto and the police response thereto. Most law blogs are written by and for people who work in office buildings; LEAP’s audience is the people who march past those buildings, and it keeps them informed and engaged with developments in their world.

Runners-up: Connie Crosby, the Environmental Law Centre (Alberta) and the WCEL Environmental Law Alert.

Thanks to all of the students who write for the blog especially those in the LEAP Blog Working Group. Hopefully, 2011 will see greater participation and interest in the Blog as we strive for the ultimate CLawBies - The Fodden Award for Best Canadian Law Blog. Watch out Professor Geist!

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  1. Congratulations LEAP! What a great way to start the new year...keep up the excellent work.