Monday, December 13, 2010

CBC's The Current examines strip searches

As noted on The Current's website:


Strip-Searches - Roberta Walker

It has been nine years since the Supreme Court of Canada prohibited strip-searches as a routine police practice. But just last month, the issue boiled over again, after a judge in Ottawa chastised local police for their un-provoked and violent strip-search of an innocent woman named Stacey Bonds. The Supreme Court handed down its ruling in December of 2001.

The case centered around Ian Golden, a black man who was strip-searched by Toronto police in a downtown restaurant. The Supreme Court ruled that strip-searches may only be done out of clear necessity with the permission of a supervisor and by members of the same sex.

But despite that ruling, strip-searches continue to be a common and controversial police practice. Freelance producer Roberta Walker has been looking into the issue. She was in Ottawa.

The Current interviewed Professor Tanovich who argued R. v. Golden in the Supreme Court of Canada.

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