Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ottawa Police Association Considering Equipping Officers with Cameras

In response to growing concern over the use of racial profiling and excessive force within the Ottawa Police Service, the Ottawa Sun reports that the new president of the Ottawa Police Association, Matt Skof, believes that this misperception would be dispelled if officers were outfitted with small personalized cameras recording their interactions with citizens.

Skof denies that racial profiling exists amongst Ottawa police but contends that the measure is nevertheless necessary to protect officers, result in cost-saving for the City of Ottawa, and restore public confidence in the police. This comes in the wake of several high-profile civil claims against Ottawa Police for racial profiling and police brutality. In the cases of ChadAiken, Stacy Bonds, TerryDelay and RoxanneCarr, video recordings show Ottawa police using what is being argued amounts to excessive force and unconstitutional search techniques.

In June 2011, the Ottawa Police Service approved a newpolicy aimed at preventing and responding to officers engaging in racial profiling and discriminatory treatment. The police was drafted with the assistance of LEAP.

Posted by Jeremy Tatum (Windsor Law III) 

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