Friday, June 5, 2009

Activist group files complaint about investigation of Villaneuva death

Earlier this week, LEAP reported on the issues not being investigated at the coroner's inquest looking into the death of Fredy Villaneuva, an 18-year-old who was fatally shot last August by Police in Montreal. We now learn that the Coalition against Police Repression and Abuse, an activist group, is filing a complaint with Quebec’s Police Ethics Commission about the investigation of the incident, an investigation the group alleges was flawed.

The two officers involved in the shooting were never charged. However, when the inquest into Villaneuva’s death began last week it was discovered that those two officers were never even questioned during the investigation, but instead asked to provide written statements to the investigators a week after Villaneuva’s death. This aspect of the investigation stands in stark contrast to the treatment of civilian witnesses, who were “separated and questioned the night of the shooting.”

The inquest has been put on hold due to the Villaneuva family’s refusal to participate. This refusal stems in large part because of their desire dor a more thorough investigation into the systemic issues surrounding the shooting, such as racial profiling.

Posted by Ashley Paterson (Law II) (LEAP Summer Intern)

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  1. I filed a complaint at the Ethics Commission about police omitting my freely given evidence of innocence and the responce was

    “Concerning the investigation, which is one of the main elements, it should be reminded that the legislator confers upon police officers extensive powers and considerable autonomy in the performance of their duties.”

    “Therefore, the advisability of holding an investigation in a given case and decision to continue or close this investigation come under this autonomy, which is inherent to policing.